Our Story


Over the years, I've become increasingly aware of the amount of waste that conventional gift wrapping creates. In the past, I've watched our large family open their presents at Christmas and birthdays, and cringed at all that paper, sellotape and ribbon going to waste (even if we did try to recycle what we could...). And all binned after just a single use! 

And what about the hassle involved in wrapping gifts this way – cutting the paper (you always end up with too little or too much, right...?), all that annoying tape sticking to the scissors (or running out just when you've nearly finished...), not to mention the time it can take getting it all looking nice.

But what's the alternative?  One day, it came to me: as an interior designer, I'd end up with loads of leftover fabric remnants, off cuts and short end rolls - often they just ended up going in the bin as well!  Some of them were so beautiful too; too beautiful just to throw away...

So I created Wrapt Reusable linen wrapping products, a sustainable way to reduce gift wrapping waste and re-purpose leftover fabrics. With Wrapt Reusable, the process of wrapping a gift is as easy as popping your gift in the fabric bag and tying the bow. 

Wrapt products are designed to be re-used, not thrown away. They're a beautiful addition to a gift and they're really versatile too – you can even re-purpose them to pack small items in a suitcase, as a toiletry bag or even to store bread... 

Creating a more sustainable way to wrap gifts is something that I am passionate about. I hope you enjoy Wrapt Reusable as much as I do.

Jackie Jones, Auckland, New Zealand

Interior Designer & creator of Wrapt Reusable