Sustainability At Wrapt Reusable

How many times have you watched gift wrap being thrown away after a single use?  We started Wrapt Reusable to provide a more sustainable way to wrap gifts, creating beautiful products that can be used time and time again, either by you or by the recipient of your gifts. 

Wrapt Reusable products are made from fabric remnants, off-cuts and short end rolls - materials that themselves often end up in landfill. Recently we have upgraded our ribbon so that the bows are made from either satin polyester ribbon (manufactured from 100% recycled plastic bottles), frayed edge linen cotton ribbon or tencel ribbon (made from sustainable and biodegradable 100% wood pulp) - yet another eco-friendly feature of Wrapt products. 

To further reduce waste, all Wrapt Reusable orders are packaged in compostable courier bags, with minimal wrapping.

By buying Wrapt Reusable and encouraging its reuse, you'll help eliminate waste and protect our planet.  Every little bit counts - make the switch to Wrapt Reusable now!